Stella Maris College.

The Voice and Experience of Women in Leadership

Good Samaritan Education, in keeping with its Charism and Philosophy of Education is called to proclaim the teaching of the Scriptures and the Church that every human person is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore all women and men are equal.

We acknowledge that in the ecclesial and societal communities in which Good Samaritan Education is on mission, there exist ideologies, laws, customs, practices and opinions that are contrary to the God given dignity of woman and her rights as a human person.

As an expression of the mission entrusted to it by the Church, Good Samaritan Education is committed to:

  • promoting effectively an understanding of the personal dignity of women, in accord with the teaching of the Scriptures and the Church;
  • encouraging and advancing the full participation of women in the life and mission of the Church as well as academic, cultural, economic, social and political life to better reflect the fullness of the Divine;
  • taking appropriate action against any form of discrimination or marginalization of women so that the image of God that shines in all human persons without exception may be fully respected;
  • ensuring that women participate, at the highest levels, in the leadership of the Colleges of Good Samaritan Education;
  • ensuring that women participate, at the highest levels, in the governance structures of both Good Samaritan Education and its Colleges.


Good Samaritan Education Statement 2016